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There is no better way to "play yoga" with your kids than using visual games. 


With the domino you stimulate their brain by developing critical thinking skills, you help develop their emotional side by creating bonds with friends, teachers, caregivers.. and helps them deal with loss while enjoying the feeling of winning. The added benefit of Yoga Domino is that you include physical exercise in this game.




Start by turning all the dominos upside down. 

If you are playing in 2 - select 7 pieces of domino each.

If you are playing in more - select 5 pieces of domino each. 

The remaining dominoes are used as a draw pile.


The younger player goes first, and then the game continues clockwise. 


Choose a domino to place in the center. 


During each turn, the player selects from his pile a domino with a pose that matches one pose on the sides of the dominos in the center. Dominoe